Welcome to the Hunter Biodynamic Group

The Hunter Biodynamic Group Inc. (HBG) meets regularly to share information amongst people interested in learning about the practical application of biodynamic methods of farming and gardening. Meetings alternate between information evenings conducted with biodynamic practitioners and field days at Hunter Valley farms and gardens at which practical, hands-on activities take place. Biodynamic (BD) practitioners seek to understand and work with natural life as well as enhance their understanding of the mineral processes used in conventional agriculture. Healthy soil is a prime basis for healthy plants, animals and ultimately people.


The bio-dynamic method is a new approach to agriculture based on advanced knowledge of the working of soil, plants, and animals as they exist on the farm and as part of the total environment.

It aims to produce well balanced plant growth from a sustainable soil fertility through enhancing soil structure and the availability of nutrients.

It uses a range of farm sourced ‘preparations’ to assist in effecting these aims. These ‘preparations’, developed initially by Dr Rudolf Steiner, are made from plant, animal and natural rock materials.

Pest and disease control is generally managed by developing the farm as a total organism. BD practitioners make use of specific natural products for weed and pest control, which they make from the weeds and pests themselves. Weeds and pests are very useful indicators of imbalances in soil, plants and animals; and the aim of the BD approach is to use such indicators in a positive way. BD farming practices are of an organic nature, not relying on bringing fertilisers on to the farm, although some organic or natural mineral fertiliser may be necessary during the initial phase of a new farm setup.

HBG believes that it is a privilege to work with Nature and as such we carry an enormous responsibility, not only in caring for the land but also in producing food which will give human beings life and vitality.

A brochure about the Hunter Biodynamic Group and also the constitution are available for download through the Downloads Tab and then by selecting the download you want.