Antipodean Astro Calendar (Rhythm Research Information)
Bio-Dyamic Association of India (BDAI)
Bio-Dynamic Research Institute - Home of Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic - "In bio-dynamics we are builders of health - not healers of sickness" - Alex Podolinsky, Bio-Dynamic Pioneer
Biodynamic Agriculture Australia
Biodynamic Education Centre
Biodynamic Gardeners Association Inc. - Practising and teaching the Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Method
Considera is an information and forum website about biodynamics, associates are gardeners and farmers, and independent researchers and thinkers like you.
Food Connect Sydney
Fosterton Farm Bakery
Hunter Region Landcare Network - supporting local communities to conserve & restore land & water resources
Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard (BD Wines)
Linuwel School Ltd, East Maitland - for Rudolf Steiner education, established in 1979. The school provides an appealing natural environment in which students can learn and grow.
Macquariedale Wines (BD wines)
Organic Feast (Organic & BD food)
Purple Pear (Organic & BD vegetables)
Red, White & Green - Biodynamics in Australian Vineyards explaining why, describing how and providing information about using biodynamics in vineyards
Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner - Wikipedia
The Agriculture Course - Rudolf Steiner
The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner - 3 interviews for the film